How to clean up your inbox from unwanted subscriptions

Seeing only important emails in inbox is almost a myth in this new era of advertising. You subscribe to mailing list once and it starts, never-ending emails and offers.  Some people open secondary email for these kind of events, to have  professional email free of clutter and junk, some just use one and the same... Continue Reading →

Mac OS Terminal Commands to Tweak your Mac

Terminal is one of the most powerful tools in Mac OS, that allows any user to overtake standard control and become the Admin of your computer. Terminal, a command line interface (CLI), mostly not used due to lack of knowledge or fear of making mistake. One mistake and entire system can go out. Luckily, there... Continue Reading →

What is EXIF Data and why is it important to know

When you capture a photograph with your Phone, professional camera or any of the new imaging device, the camera not only save the present date and time into the image file, but many other information as well, even the camera settings. The data that's recorded by the camera into the picture file might include details... Continue Reading →

How to turn off behavioral based Advertising

Probably it is not news any more that online advertising reached its peak, where Ads are displayed based on your search and interests. There are many types of advertising, almost every social media has its own ads such as: Google Search Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Tumblr Ads, Banner Ads, Google Display Ads, Retargeting Ads,... Continue Reading →

How to copy YouTube playlist or download as video/audio file

Lots of people are not aware that any video that is located on YouTube can be downloaded and played offline, it can be a lesson that we need to watch later or song that we want to access when internet is not available. Here I will cover some of the options to convert YouTube videos... Continue Reading →

How to reveal Wifi Password of your Network

I guess everyone had a case when computer connects to Wi-Fi network, but have no idea what the password is. Maybe you forgot it, or even “evil” net admin entered it without revealing it to you. Now when we have another device that we want to connect to Wi-Fi network, we have several options: one... Continue Reading →

Some of the Feature of Google Chrome You might not be using

Google Chrome is a good browser and is used by millions, however there’s a cool feature built in Chrome that most of users rarely use – it’s known as Developer Tools. Don’t be scared of the word “Developer” confuse as non-developers also can use and benefit from using some basic knowledge of Dev Tools. You... Continue Reading →

Cool websites you might not know existed – part II

Lets continue review of helpful websites and look at  some handy,cool or crucial ones that really make difference when we need some help or just want to have fun. So, here is the third list of the cool 15 websites that I recommend to checking out: 1. – the perfect tool for measuring your... Continue Reading →

Cool websites you did not know existed – part I

Lets continue review of helpful websites,  some are handy and some really crucial.  So, here is the second  list of the cool 15 websites that I recommend to check  out: 1. – if a site is down due to heavy traffic, try accessing it through coral CDN. 2. – lets you can quickly... Continue Reading →

Funny questions to ask Siri

Siri, the digital voice assistant purchased and redesigned by Apple’s for iPhones and iPads. She or He is doing an excellent job by giving some excellent recommendation and sometimes even giving an attitude once asked or once commands are given by users of iOS devices. And now She / He will do it with new... Continue Reading →

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