General Excel Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks

1) Pivot Tables Pivot Tables are used to reorganize data in a spreadsheet. They won't change the data that you have, but they can sum up values and compare different information in your spreadsheet, depending on what you'd like them to do. Let's take a look at an example. Let's say I want to take a look at how many... Continue Reading →

20 Tricks That Can Make Anyone An Excel Expert

After Microsoft developed Excel to the 2010 version, it offered more surprises than ever. In order to deal with tons of big data, you can’t ignore the important role Excel plays in daily work. However, both for beginners and advanced users, there are still many useful tips and tricks that are inevitably overlooked. Here are... Continue Reading →

How to make a Checklist in Word 2013

With Microsoft Office applications, you can create a simple To Do list or make a checklist in Word 2013 and check off items electronically. The underlying trick for doing so is very simple and takes not more than few minutes. The result looks something like the illustration below. Having said that, if you just need a... Continue Reading →

How to use Slicers in Microsoft Excel 2010 to efficiently filter data

Microsoft Excel 2010 Slicers are easy to use visual controls added to Excel 2010 that allows to quickly and easily filter data in an interactive way by selecting values from a list. The slicer feature provides user with a rich visualization of the pivot table on which dynamic segmenting & filtering can be applied to... Continue Reading →

5 Powerful and Most Useful Excel Features you need to know

Microsoft Excel is the most useful and easy tool for business analysts. It has large number of useful formulas, features and bundles of interactive charts. But, most of us are not known of all of them and there are some more features which are powerful and easy to use to make our work simpler. You... Continue Reading →

How to get a list of files in a folder into Excel

In this post we will see how to get a list of files in a folder into Excel. We will show you how to use Excel to view Files and Folders details in Windows, by importing all files and folders details in to Microsoft Excel to keep track of file size, file type and last... Continue Reading →

How to calculate Time Difference in Excel

Microsoft Excel can be used for budget calculations, Tax calculations and for many other purposes. You can use it as another form of calculator due to the features it provides us. You can even make use of Excel to calculate the difference between two times. It helps calculate the number of hours an employee worked... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Excel Tips to Save Time and Work Faster

Microsoft Excel is a great tool which does your tedious job in an easy way. Whether it might be repeated tasks or managing the data in a clean way, Excel does it well. There are many Excel features which most of us do not know. Knowing those hidden tips and features helps us to complete... Continue Reading →

How to add Error Messages in Microsoft Excel

As we all know Microsoft Excel is used to collect data in rows and columns. Sometimes, we want to restrict to only certain data to be in the sheet. We want to throw an error, when someone is trying to enter data against the validation. For example, if you want to set the restriction in... Continue Reading →

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