How to use Slicers in Microsoft Excel 2010 to efficiently filter data

Microsoft Excel 2010 Slicers are easy to use visual controls added to Excel 2010 that allows to quickly and easily filter data in an interactive way by selecting values from a list. The slicer feature provides user with a rich visualization of the pivot table on which dynamic segmenting & filtering can be applied to display the required data. Using the search filter, time taken to search a record in the large data set is significantly reduced.

KeyTips to reach Slicer in Excel 2010: Alt + N + SF

Slicer can be found under the Insert tab in the Ribbon. A slicer acts like a report filter, so you can hook it up to a PivotTable, PivotChart, or CUBE function to filter them and create an interactive report.

In the example illustrated below, there is a slicer in three different Countries. One or more or all countries can be selected. This would reflect a filtered data corresponding to the number of selected Countries.

In contrast, selecting a tile in a slicer in Excel 2010 is easy – it takes just one click. To select multiple tiles, use combinations of ctrl+click, shift+click, or click+drag.

Using slicers to create your reports will invite interaction, enabling you and your collaborators to spend less time sifting and more time analyzing. Slicers also works with Excel Services 2010 and Excel Web App too, so you can work and share on the web as well.

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