Windows 10X – all we know so far

Windows 10 is running on more than 900 million devices worldwide. IT holds 51% of desktop/laptop OS market share, compared to 30% for Windows 7. It’s a statistic that took Microsoft almost five years to achieve (this also demonstrates just how popular Windows 7 is and was since its release over 10 years ago). Windows... Continue Reading →

Kodi – what is it and How To’s

Kodi® (formerly known as XBMC™) is free and open source (GPL) software media center for playing and streaming videos, music, pictures, games, and more. Kodi runs on Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with TVs and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and... Continue Reading →

How to use Event Viewer to Troubleshoot Problems with your PC

Event Viewer (EVENTVWR) is a component of Microsoft's Windows NT line of operating systems that lets administrators and users view the event logs on a local or remote machines. it shows a log of application and system messages such as: errors, information messages and warnings. one of the downside of Event Viewer is that it... Continue Reading →

Why we cannot create folder “con” in windows

Nobody can create a folder with name "con" anywhere on the PC. This was pretty cool and mysterious things, which led to creating stories behind the name "CON". most common  story behind the name was that it was Bill Gates's nick name and he hated it so much, he prohibited using it in all versions... Continue Reading →

Tips How to make your computer little bit more secure + bonus video

1. Use passwords for user account protection You wouldn't leave important documents laying out for everybody to see right? Likewise, you have to put away the data kept on your PC / laptop in a safe place, secured behind a password in your account. Even if you never log on to online, you will still... Continue Reading →

How to Remove Malware From Your Windows PC

If your PC is running slow, you are getting countless pop-ups and you are noticing some weird issues? Is so, your computer may be infected with a virus, spyware or other malware. Even if you have antivirus software installed and running on your PC. Even though, some hardware issues can produce similar symptoms, it is... Continue Reading →

How to create user account on windows 7/ 8 (8.1) / 10

Windows 7 it allows you to have multiple users on the same computer under their own individual names or accounts. This allows each individual user to have their own location on the computer where they can store their personal documents, pictures, videos, saved games, and other personal data. This also allows the owner / Admin... Continue Reading →

How to boot windows 7, 8 (8.1), 10 to safe mode

Safe Mode could be a troubleshooting possibility that limits Windows OS to basic functions. Safe Mode starts Windows with solely basic drivers and services. Safe Mode with Networking starts windows with only basic drivers, and net support. to start your computer in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking, follow the directions below: Boot Windows... Continue Reading →


Most people currently purchase laptops for his or her computing needs and have to make the decision between obtaining either a Solid State Drive (SSD) or hard disk Drive (HDD). So which of the 2 is that the better option, an SSD or HDD? There’s no answer to this question; every user has completely different... Continue Reading →

Why a hard drive has less storage space

It has happened to most people. we tend to get a new hard drive (or perhaps a flash drive) with amazing storage capability solely to seek out that it's less space than what was mentioned on the box. Angered, we tend to begin express negativity the manufacturer and our dealer for false selling thinking that... Continue Reading →

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