Use Windows shortcuts on your Apple keyboard

Here’s how keyboard functions are mapped to Apple keyboards by the Apple Keyboard Support driver in Windows.

All keyboards

Use these keys on your Apple keyboard for these Windows functions.

Windows logo:
press Command (⌘)

Backspace or Delete: press Delete

Enter or ⏎:
 press Return

Alt (left):
press Option

Alt GR (right):
 press Option + Control

press fn + Esc

This key isn’t available from Apple keyboards

Extended keyboard keys

If your keyboard doesn’t include these keys, press these key combinations in Windows instead.

press fn + Return

Forward Delete:
press fn + Delete

press fn + left arrow

press fn + right arrow

Page Up:
press fn + up arrow

Page Down:
press fn + down arrow

Number Lock:
 press fn + F6

Print Screen: press fn + Shift + F11

Print Active Window:
press fn + Shift + Option + F11

Scroll Lock:
press fn + Shift + F12

Numeric keypad mappings

For numerical entry on the Apple Wireless Keyboard, use the standard numerical keys beneath the Function keys. Apple external keyboards with built-in numeric keypads provide the same function as Microsoft-compatible numeric keypads.

Use Apple Function keys in Windows

You can use some features of your Apple Keyboard function keys in Windows. Some of these keys are available only on keyboards designed for Apple devices. These keys might be named differently or might not be available on some Windows-compatible keyboards.

If you need to use the top row of keys on your Apple keyboard as standard function keys (F-keys) in Windows, hold the fn key while pressing one of the keys in the top row.

Sample Apple Wireless Keyboard (Bluetooth)


Reduce display brightness


Mission Control – not available in Windows


Reduce keyboard brightness


Previous track


Next track


Volume down


Media eject (when your Mac has an optical drive connected)

Increase display brightness


Launchpad – not available in Windows


Increase keyboard brightness


Play/Pause media in apps like iTunes


Mute toggle


Volume up


Media eject (2nd optical drive)

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