Important Information That Every Google User Must Know

Google saves everything we do, “for us” and here I will try to cover some of the most important links or web apps from google, which will show us everything Google is aware of concerning our privacy.


In most of the cases, this options are hidden somewhere deep inside google and might expose some details that you don’t want to share. So here we start:

1. Google stores all the usernames and passwords that you simply have entered in Google Chrome or android browser. Actually, there is a website where you can view all the usernames and passwords, including link where log in was made. Here is a link to it:


2. Google creates your profile depending on sites you visit, with calculation of your age, gender and interests in order to use this information to show you relevant ads that are really interesting for you. Here is the link:


3. If you decide to export or download all your activity from google platform including Photos, Contacts, Gmail emails and YouTube videos, go to:


To download your YouTube videos in their original resolution – like SD or HD. You’ll have to do next: Go to (you’ll have to log in) and click the Create Archive button. Google will now create a zipped archived with all the videos that you have ever uploaded to YouTube.

– Once the archive says 100%, proceed to the Downloads tab to grab the actual files. If the archive is large, Google Takeout will split them into individual files of 2 GB each.

– The disadvantage is that you have to download entire library – there is no option to download single video in HD.

So   is the feature you need to download all your activities from google.

4. Your Android device or the Google Maps app on your iPhone is constantly sending report of your location and movement stats to Google servers. Entire history of your travel history is located at: . you can even export all this data and view it in google maps.


5. Google and YouTube record everything you have searched for. They keep a log of each Google ad that you have clicked on, on different websites, each YouTube video you’ve watched and if you are user of Google now. also you’ll be able to see a log of all of your audio searches on “OK Google”. This information can be accessed at: (Google searches)

google_history.png (Voice searches)

google_audio.jpg (YouTube searches and watched videos)

6. in accordance to Google account program policy you have to log in to your account every 9 months, or Google may terminate your account. This can be tuff if you have several google accounts. You can actually set up your primary account as trusted contact for all the accounts, this way Google will be sending you reminders every few months to log in and keep account alive. You also can change amount of months up to 18 at: as well as change some other settings.



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