12 Fun Facts about Apple and iPhone – part II

1. Apple’s co-founder sold all his shares for $800. Today, they would have been worth US$35 billion


2. Verizon turned down exclusive rights to sell the first iPhone


3. The clock icon on the iPhone’s home screen is not just an icon. It is a complete clock. The hour, minute and second hand always moves.


4. Apple has 475 retail stores in 17 countries, as of 2016. 


5.  Apple has more operating cash than the U.S. Treasury. 


6.  Apple sold 340,000 iPhones per day in 2012


7. Since the iPhone was released in 2007, Apple has owned more than 200 patents relating to the iPhone’s technology. That’s a lot of patents for one small phone.


8. The iPhone’s Retina screen is the most expensive component at a whopping $28.50. Of course, this doesn’t take into account the design, assembly or even branding of the phone, which is why it still costs over $200.


9. The Apple iPhone was considered so revolutionary that Time Magazine named it Invention of the Year in 2007.


10.  Over 22% of people now believe that sending a SMS is easier than calling, all because of how Apple presented SMS.


11.  iPhone started out as an iPad project


12. The original iPhone team was elite and top secret

In creating the iPhone, Steve Jobs gave Scott Forstall freedom to assemble “The Team”. There was,  only one rule — he could not take anyone outside Apple. As a result, Forstall proceeded to handpick the most effective engineers at Apple in spite of what division they were in. oddly enough, once pitching the project to prospective team members, Forstall could not even tell them what it absolutely was concerning, solely mentioning that it would need hard work which they’d have to “give up nights” and work weekends for quite a while.


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