iOS 9.3.3 compatible tweaks

The wait finally came to an over when the team behind Pangu released their new jailbreak tool for iOS 9.2 – iOS 9.3.3 Given this, iOS 9 brought many new features and improvements.  Below list of tweaks that are compatible to iOS 9.3.3.

1. Alkaline – is a themeable status bar battery replacement.


2. AppHide – Hide apps on the homescreen and from spotlight

3. Auris – tweak gives you instant access to Music apps as you connect headphones


4. Barrel – allows you to add various animation effects to the icons on your iPhone’s Home screen when you change from page to page.


5. Bars – old way of having signal bars

6. BetterFiveColumnHomeScreen – allows you to have 5 columns of apps on your Springboard


7. BetterFiveIconDock – lets you add 5 icons to iPhone


8. Bloard – Bloard is another recent addition to the Cydia Store which allows users to take control of their iOS keyboard. Once installed, jailbreakers can force their iDevice to always launch the dark keyboard.


9. BlurryBadges – iOS badges should be blurry too if there are many blurry UI out there. This tweak allows you to customize badges, in blurry style. It’s the perfect match if install with BlurryBar and AppColorClose. (As seen in the screenshot)


10. Breadcrumbsaway – Dismiss breadcrumb links in iOS 9 or higher


11. ColorBanners – colorizes the notifications on your Lock screen based on the app’s dominant color.


12. Cream – gives your iPhone watchOS-like colored Control Center toggles


13. DeleteForever – delete photos permanently from your iPhone or iPad


14. DetailedBatteryUsage – Unlock Hidden Battery Usage Stats


15. DismissProgress – when you install a new tweak from Cydia sometimes it asks to restart springboard or in some cases reboot the device and you are left with no choice, but to do so or returning to the home screen and relaunching Cydia again. DismissProgress tweak changes that by adding a ‘Close’ button on top right side of the screen.


16. Eclipse 3 – Eclipse 3 brings night mode to iOS 9


17. Filza -File Manager is the iFile alternative


18. Fingal – is a new theming platform to animate iPhone app icons

19. GIFPaper (iOS 7) – New Tweak Lets You Set Any GIF as Your Wallpape

20. Harbor – brings OS X Yosemite-inspired dock to iOS


21. iCleaner – Will Clean Your iPhone/iPad from junk and other temp files


22. LocationFaker9 – simply change location of your iPhone for any app.

23. LockGlyph – It’s a tweak that brings the Apple Pay authentication animation and sound to the Lock screen


24. MultiIconMover+ – Jailbreak Tweak makes it easier to move multiple icons in or out of folders


25. Notate – How to disable SpringBoard rotation on the iPhone 6 Plus


26. Phantom for Snapchat – Break nearly all of Snapchat’s limits with this all in one plugin.


27. Power Tap – Power Tap adds useful option to the Slide to Power Off bar such as Reboot, Respring and Safe Mode.


28. PreferenceLoader – is a jailbreak utility that lets any tweaks to have their own section in the Settings app.

29. PriorityHub – is a very simple and handy tweak, it makes Lock screen notifications much easier to manage if you are receiving a lot of them from different apps. For each app associated with a notification, you’ll see an app icon located on your Lock screen.


30. SwipeForMore – lets you manage Cydia items with just a swipe


31. TransparentDock – Make Your iPhone’s Dock Transparent


32. UntetheredHeySiri – Use Hey Siri without needing a power connection


33. VirtualHome 8 n 9 – Instead of pressing your home button, you can just tap it and Touch ID will make it function as a home button


34. Youtube++ – tweak lets you download Youtube videos on iOS



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