How to change your root password after jailbreak

If you have jailbroken your iOS device, the first thing you MUST DO is change the default system password on it to prevent somebody gaining access to your device. As An Australian hacker called Ashley Towns showed this by spreading the first known iPhone worm: Ikee, which was replacing your lock screen wallpaper with an image of Rick Astley. This worm was written to demonstrate how easy it is to gain access into jailbroken device.

Note: There is no need to follow this guide if you have not jailbroken your Device.

Lets start

Your PC / Mac Must be on same local network!

Follow OpenSSH Guide:

1.  install the OpenSSH package from Cydia (search – OpenSSH)


2. open Wi-Fi Settings on your iDevice and check your IP Address:  (example:


3. open Terminal on Mac – (from spotlight or inside utility folder)


4. run “ssh root@[insert IP Address]” (example: ssh root@


5: wait a few minutes (it’s generating some crypto keys)

6: accept new computer host key  (if it doesn’t ask you, that’s fine).

7: once prompt to enter the password, log in with password “alpine”

8. Obtain Administrator Access

Note: this first step is only necessary if you are using MobileTerminal. If you logged in via SSH as root, you do not need to do this step, so skip to step 10.

9. in terminal: Run “su root” and provide the root password. The default password as provided by Apple is “alpine”.

Here I also run “cd” only to shorten the otherwise very long prompt.

iPhone:~ mobile$ su root


iPhone:/var/mobile root# cd

iPhone:~ root#

10.  Change the root Password

Run “passwd” and type in your new password twice. Please note that your key presses will not be displayed on the terminal screen.

iPhone:~ root# passwd (Changing password for root.)

New password:

Retype new password:

iPhone:~ root#

11. Change the mobile Password

This is the regular user account on the device. Run “passwd mobile” and repeat as directed.

iPhone:~ root# passwd mobile (Changing password for mobile.)

New password:

Retype new password:

iPhone:~ root#

12  Close your terminal

Or if you’re on Windows, you can use a desktop terminal application such as PuTTY (

1. download the app (PuTTY) and run

2. In Host name (or IP address) field enter: root@”your phone’s ip address” (ie. root@ and hit Open


3. in terminal window enter password: alpine (Note that your keypresses will not be displayed on the terminal screen for security reasons)



4. the next line should say “<your iphone name>:~ root#”. input the command “passwd”

New password:

Retype new password: (Note that your keypresses will not be displayed on the terminal screen for security reasons)

after a message will be displayed: “<your iphone name>:~ root#”

Type next command:

passwd mobile

New password:

Retype new password.

once – iPhone:~ root# will be displayed again, you can exit terminal.

Congratulations! Your job is done!

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