How To Install iOS 10 Beta Without Developer Account

With Apple having announce on iOS 10 altogether at WWDC and released the free beta for developer users registered with the Apple Developer Program, and the there are many users that are not patient on hands on try of new iOS. Betas were released in July and some developers already provided solution to have the iOS 10 beta installed on iPhone.


This technique involves the installation of a verified Apple Configuration Profile that triggers an OTA update of the beta firmware. As always it is worth recommending to Back up your iOS device through iTunes and / or iCloud.  Ensure you’ve got secured your information just in case something goes wrong and you decide to fresh restore your iPhone back to latest officially released firmware.

Compatible devices are:


Lets begin, Method one:

Step 1. From your iOS device, go to to download the configuration profile. Your iOS device will prompt you to install it. Follow the onscreen instructions to allow installation.


Step 2. Download the profile by tapping the Download Now button.

Step 3. If asked “on which device would you like to install this profile?” select iPhone.

Step 4. In the screen that follows, hit Install. After the profile is installed, your device will be rebooted.

Step 5: Once your device boots up again, launch the Settings app, navigate to General > Software Update and you should find the iOS 10 Developer Beta.

Step 6: Hit Download and Install, sit back and relax.

Once download and update is done, it should reboot into the second beta of iOS 10.

 If for any reason you will decide to restore back to original OS please check: how to  Restore iPhone or iPad with DFU mode


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