Easiest way to Semi-untethered / tethered Jailbreak IOS 9.3.3 and 9.2 from Safari

Following on from yesterday’s surprise unleash of the new Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3,
Totoateam managed to package Pangu’s jailbreak tool so that it can be done through safari without using a computer.


since this jailbreak is still based on Pangu’s JB method, it works in the same way for 64-bit devices and for IOS 9.2 and 9.3.3. below is step by step how to jailbreak comparable device(s). 

Before we start,  I recommend to update your device to 9.3.3 first. (from phone or iTunes). 

As always, Back your iOS device up through iTunes and or iCloud.

Disable your passcode, Disable Find my iPhone, Disable Touch ID

Step 1. Paste this link below in to Notes app on your device, then tap on it so that it opens in Safari, once asked to install, confirm to do so as shown in installing the PP app as shown in the screenshot below:



Step 2. Tap on Install button, and wait for PP app to be installed on your iDevice. once done new app icon will be added to your Home screen.


Step 3. Go to Settings > General > Device Management


and Trust the certificate from AKRAM AL NEAMI BUILDING MATERIALS TRADING CO (L.L.C).


Step 4. Now launch PP app. Accept the push notifications. Uncheck the PP checkbox.


Step 5. Tap on the large circle in center, once the process starts, press sleep/power button to manually lock your device without exiting the PP app.

You will soon get a notification in Chinese saying that your device has been successfully jailbroken. (also you might see The Storage almost full notification. It is normal and ignore the message).

At this point, simply unlock the device and you’ll be in PP. It will start preparing the device for Cydia. Once done, the iDevice will reboot automatically and you should have Cydia installed.

As mentioned earlier, this is a semi-untethered / tethered jailbreak which means every time the device reboots, you will have to re-jailbreak of sorts to get the device back into jailbroken state.

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