Classification of hackers

Black hat – A Black Hat hacker, also known as a cracker,  is a computer professional with deep knowledge in Computer Networking, Network Protocols and System Administration . Black Hat hacker has also good knowledge in many hacking tools and know how to program hacking tools. A Black Hat hacker uses his skills for unethical reasons. A Black Hat hacker always has malicious intention for intruding a network.


White hat – A White Hat hacker has deep knowledge in Computer Networking, Network Protocols and System Administration. White Hat hacker has also good knowledge in hacking tools and know how to program hacking tools.

Gray hat – Gray hats are the individuals who work both offensively and defensively at various times.Gray Hat hacker is someone who is between White Hat hacker and Black Hat hacker.Gray Hat normally do the hacking without the permissions from the administrators of the network he is hacking. But he will expose the network vulnerabilities to the network admins and offer a fix for the vulnerability for money.

Suicide hackers – Suicide hackers are those who hack for some purpose and even don’t bother to suffer long term jail due to their activities. They can be bad as well as good.

Script kiddies – A Script Kiddie is basically a hacker amateur who doesn’t has much knowledge to program tools to breaks into computer networks. He often use downloaded hacking tools from internet written by other hackers/security experts.Script kiddies usually focus on the quantity of attacks rather than the quality of the attacks that they initiate.

Spy hacker – Spy hackers are individuals who are employed by an organization to penetrate and gain trade secrets of the competitor. These insiders can take advantage of the privileges they have to hack a system or network.


Cyber TerroristA programmer who breaks into computer systems in order to steal or change or destroy information as a form of cyber-terrorism

State sponsored hackers – State sponsored hackers are individuals employed by the government to penetrate and gain top-secret information and to damage information systems of the governments.

Hacktivist: A hacktivist is kinda hacker who thinks hacking can bring out some social changes and hacks government and organizations to show his discomfort over some trivial issues.

source: internet 🙂

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