what’s new in iOS 9 / 9.0.1 / 9.0.2

1. All-new app switcher

iOS 9 makes browsing through all your apps as intuitive as flipping through a deck of cards. As always, double press the Home button to start flipping through your apps, which will show up on the left side of the screen this time

2. Using Mail for smarter caller ID

iOS 9 also relies on the data from your Mail app to gather more information about your Contacts. This is an optional feature in Settings, but if activated, you’ll get email address autocomplete suggestions. iOS 9 will even try to guess an unknown number on the call screen.

3. New ways to navigate in Photos

iOS 9 makes it easier than ever to scroll through and select your photos. Open a photo and you’ll see a new scroll at the bottom to zoom back and forth between all your pics. Want to select a bunch of photos? You don’t have to tap each one by one individually. Just select one photo and then swipe over to the rest of the photos you want to select.

4. Notifications view by most recent

In iOS 9, your notification view is now organized in chronological order, so the most recent notifications remain at the top. You have the option to change this in Settings, by opting to group notifications by app.

5. Siri suggestions in Spotlight

Siri in iOS 9 surfaces a bunch of proactive hints based on how you use your iPhone. Do you call your mom every day before dinner? Spotlight will have her as a suggested contact. Check Instagram for hours before bed? Spotlight will help you indulge in your nighttime ritual, too

6. Access the iCloud Drive app

Ever wonder what documents you’ve got stored on iCloud? iOS 9 gives you the option to access your iCloud Drive via a new native app. In Settings, just toggle to show the iCloud Drive app on the Home screen to access it. iOS 9 also lets you add an attachment in Mail directly from your iCloud Drive.

7. Reach Contacts directly from Spotlight Search

The Spotlight screen gets added functionality in iOS 9. For example, search for a Contact and you’ll now get the option to call them (if you have their number, send them an iMessage or FaceTime them (if they’re also on iOS) directly from the search results.


8. Nearby suggestions in Maps

In addition to transit directions, Maps gets Nearby suggestions for local businesses. Instead of typing “Bakeries,” you can now just tap the Food icon, followed by the Bakeries option to get a list of nearby places where you can get your croissant fix. You can also get suggestions for Shopping, Travel and other Services, like pet grooming.ios 9 maps nearby suggestions

9.Low Power Mode to squeeze extra battery life

I can’t say enough good things about Low Power mode. I love that it asks at 20 percent and again at 10, and then turns itself back off automatically once you’re charged up to 80 percent. And you can still use almost all the functions of your phone: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location Services, GPS, everything. The screen goes to sleep a little quicker than before (which means I have to keep tapping idly in Alphabears while I’m staring at the screen contemplating my next move), and you can’t use AirDrop or Continuity… but who cares when it means my phone no longer needs a mandatory topping-off every day at around 7 p.m.

ios9 slideshow low power mode

10. Automatically organize your selfies in Photos

 new small tweak to the Photos app in iOS 9 has made it easier to keep all your pics organized, especially if you’re a selfie enthusiast. Photos taken with the front-facing camera get automatically placed ins a “Selfies” folder, while screenshots taken by pressing the Home button and the power button get their own dedicated folder as well

11. Finally, an intuitive Shift key

I’m really loving the subtle tweaks made to the standard iOS keyboard—especially the new Shift key. I know, this is far from revolutionary, but it makes it much easier to tell if the caps is turned off or on when your entire keyboard displays the letters in uppercase or lowercase letters


12. Go back to previous apps with tiny, new Back button

The Back button rocks my world. If I am in, say, Twitter, and I get a notification from Instagram, I can tap that notification, switch to Instagram, tap all around inside Instagram, and still get back to Twitter with one tap. Sure, I could do that before with the application switcher, but the back button is a lot more obvious.

13. Siri is now your new personal DJ

In iOS 9, Siri’s gotten a lot smarter. Not only does Siri serve up information about the weather or different directions, but she can answer complex queries now like, “Show me photos from last summer.” The most exciting part, however, is how well she knows my Apple Music collection. You can ask Siri to play a specific artist, playlist, or “the hottest songs from 1986.” also Siri has now gained the ability to search for your personal photos and videos based on the dates, locations and album names. As long as the photos are stored in your Camera Roll, you can ask Siri to find photos based on that data.

14. Want to change your Settings? Just search!

A searchable Settings app is another new feature that’s so small, yet so incredibly helpful that I don’t know why Apple hadn’t included it before! Instead of pouring through each individual setting to find what I want to adjust, I can now just do a quick Spotlight-esque search to find what i need.

15. Drive, walk or take public transportation

For years, Maps users had to rely on third-party apps to get reliable public transportation directions. Now anymore. Finally iOS 9 includes Transit view which incorporates subway and bus schedules/routes. Transit, however, is only available in select cities: Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Mexico City, London, Berlin, Toronto and 300 cities in China


16. Wi-Fi Assist

Just because you’re within range of a free Wi-Fi hotspot doesn’t mean you want its crummy connection stalling your mission-critical Google Maps search. Now your phone will ignore Wi-Fi connections that are slowing you down and will fall back to cellular. It’s on by default, too!

17.A Notes app that’s actually useful

Apple’s native I-should-write-that-down-before-I-forget solution has always been fairly barebones. The updates to iOS 9 won’t replace Evernote, but the addition of some basic sketch tools (think: first-gen Paper app) is actually pretty great and intuitive for quick sketches. There’s even a ruler for helping you draw straight lines.


18. Calendar Changes

The changes in the Calendar app have been designed for convenience. Now Calendar in iOS 9 shows you events like flights and restaurant reservations that it pulls from your Mail. And Calendar utilizes Apple Maps to look up locations and traffic conditions to suggest when you should leave. [You can toggle on/off the “Events Found in Mail” feature by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Calendars. And you can toggle on/off the alert for the “Time to Leave” in each of the individual events.]

19. Draw On Image Attachments

Through the Mail app in iOS 9, now you can draw on image attachments. This is much easier than downloading an app to edit images and then attaching the edited image. To edit an attached image, open up a new e-mail to compose. When you long-press on the body of the e-mail, there is an option that says “Insert Photo or Video.” When you select the photo to attach, push down on it and tap on the right arrow to find the “Markup” option. Markup for iOS 9 lets you sketch colors, zoom into part of the photo, add text and insert your signature. The Markup feature automatically recognizes shapes so it can straighten them out for you.


20. Easily Find Words In Safari

The ability to search for words on a website or news article can come in handy sometimes. In the past, you would have to tap on the address bar, type in the keyword that you are looking for and then scroll to the bottom of the results where it says “On This Page.” To search for words in Safari through iOS 9, the “Find On Page” option now appears within the “Share” menu. When you tap on the “Share” button in Safari for iOS 9, you will see a “Find on Page” option with a magnifying glass icon on the far right. The original way to search for keywords from the address bar is still in place too.


21. Hide Multiple Photos At Once

Apple iOS 8 already offered the ability to hide photos, but you had to long-press each photo individually and tap on “Hide Photo.” Fortunately, iOS 9 offers a way to hide a group of photos at once. You can hide a group of photos by opening up your Camera Roll. Tap on “Select” and choose the images that you want to hide. And then tap on the Share button at the bottom left to tap on Hide.


22. Highlight A Group Of Photos With A Finger Swipe

One of my favorite features of the Google Photos app is the ability to select multiple photos by holding down your finger over the photos that you want to select. Now this feature has been applied to the Camera Roll in Apple iOS. When you long-press your finger on a photo and slide it over other photos, you will notice blue checkmarks that indicates which photos have been selected. After selecting the photos, you can share, move or delete each photo group. You can test this feature out by opening the Photos app and selecting the album where you want to select a group of photos and videos. Tap on the Select button on the top-right corner and then slide your finger in a direction to select other photos.

23. Hold Refresh Button In Safari To Request Desktop Site

The previous version of iOS already offered the ability to request the desktop version of a website, but it required you to tap on the address bar again and scroll up to where it says “Request Desktop Site.” Now iOS 9 offers a couple of ways to request a desktop version of the website. You can hold down the “Reload” button next to the address bar to pull up a “Request Desktop Site” button. Another way to request a desktop site is by tapping on the Share button menu and scrolling to the right.

24. Another great feature is the ability to compute math problems in the search field on-the-fly. Here is an example of how it works:


25.Increase Touch ID Security With Six-Digit Passcode

Apple has been using a 4-digit passcode to lock devices for a long time. And then the Touch ID fingerprint sensor option arrived in the iPhone 5s. Now Apple is offering a more secure way to lock your device, especially if you have an older device. Apple is now offering a six digit code instead of four. You can change your security code by going to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Change Passcode. If you already have a passcode, you will be asked to enter it again. Then you will be asked to enter a new 6-digit passcode. To change it to a different 4-digit passcode, tap on Passcode Options.

26.Resolution Change Option for Video

In Settings > Photo & Camera > Camera, you will notice an option to change the Record Video option. This feature lets you set the quality of video that you want to record. The options will will vary based on the device that you have.You can change the video quality to 720p HD at 30 frames per second, 1080p HD at 30 frames per second or 1080p HD at 60 frames per second. The higher the quality, the more space the video will consume. For example, one minute of 1080p HD at 30 fps is 130MB alone.

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