Some of the Feature of Google Chrome You might not be using

Google Chrome is a good browser and is used by millions, however there’s a cool feature built in Chrome that most of users rarely use – it’s known as Developer Tools. Don’t be scared of the word “Developer” confuse as non-developers also can use and benefit from using some basic knowledge of Dev Tools. You... Continue Reading →

iPhone tips and tricks

The iPhone is a powerful tool with many good features, however there are  lot of hidden options and tricks that you simply might not have discovered yet. I've picked some iPhone tips and tricks which will help you to accomplish things faster and easier. Let's start How to Bookmark your favorite places in Maps app... Continue Reading →

How to Connect Two PCs Using a USB cable

If you've got to transfer files from one computer to another, using a flash disk or burning CDs might take lots of time, especially today when files sizes are in TBs.  One great way to transfer these files quickly between 2 computers would be using a USB cable. Here I will try to cover how... Continue Reading →

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