How to Organize and sort your music library

I’ve been trying to sort my humongous music library, containing over 35,000 songs in 2,280 folders. Which contained backup music files from 1999 when I first downloaded my first song – “Eagles- Hotel California”. I’ve come across a lot of software and methods, but one worked perfectly for me and I’m sure it will be... Continue Reading →

How to Create a Secure Password that you can remember forever

How do you balance the need for highly secure passwords with the convenience of easily remembering them all? A poor password is a foremost reason almost whenever a security breach happens. Therefore you should treat your password like your underwear: 1. Don’t leave them in open; 2. Change them regularly; 3. Don’t share it with... Continue Reading →

You Can Use Facebook To Check When Your Friends Wake Up

In an interesting article on Medium, Søren Louv-Jansen has revealed how one can use a little snippet of code on Facebook’s Messenger site to track a friend’s sleeping habits. While Facebook keeps track of every time you visit the website, the Facebook app, or the Messenger app, it’s creepy to find out that your friends can easily get access to this... Continue Reading →

day one…. 05/28/15 დღე როცა ეს მიპრესილი სიტყვების გვერდი შეიქმნა……

ხანგრძლივი ფიქრისა და ტვინის ჭყლეტის შემდეგ, გადავწყვიტე ძირითად მასალად სხვადასხვა ტექნოლოგიური და არსებულ პროგრამებზე თუ საინტერესო აპლიკაციებზე სიახლეები გამოვამზეურო.... აბა good luck 🙂

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